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H.E.A.R Program

Aural Rehabilitation

H.E.A.R Program

This Hearing Education and Aural Rehabilitation program is presented FREE to our patients and their family members on a monthly basis. The program focuses on understanding and adjusting to your hearing loss, making the best use of your hearing aids, exploring assistive devices that might help, managing conversations, controlling the environment and taking charge of your communication. Your family does not know how you hear – they also need a better understanding of what you are going through. The H.E.A.R. program helps you and your family with a better understanding of your hearing loss and provides many listening strategies that can improve communication.


LACE: Listening and Communicating Enhancement

Auditory training employs formal listening activities to optimize the ability to hear AND understand speech. People with hearing loss, even with hearing aids, still need to deal with deficits in hearing speech that are not present in normal hearing individuals.

The LACE® Auditory Training program can be purchased at reduced pricing or is provided FREE to all of our hearing aid patients. Many patients will complete their first session in our office but can continue the program at home. The program works to retrain the brain to comprehend speech up to 40% better in difficult listening situations such as: Noisy restaurants; Rapid speakers; Competing speakers. Just as physical therapy can help rebuild muscles and adjust movements to compensate for physical weakness or injury, LACE can help you develop skills and learn strategies for dealing with situations when hearing is inadequate.

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